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Love Potion Label Sheet W/recipes

$8.50shipping or pickup available

By Oil Life

Provo, Utah

£3.99shipping or pickup available

By Galaxy

$3.99shipping or pickup available

By The Enchanted Galaxy

Mermaid Tears Potion Bottle Necklace

$14.99shipping or pickup available

By Naevi’s Oddities

Candy Cane Lip Potions

$19.50shipping or pickup available

By Feathers Artist Market

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Cobalt Glass Bottle

$1.99shipping or pickup available

By StellaLunaLLC

Waterbury, Connecticut

Papas Potion Tank

$23.00shipping or pickup available

By Ant Sketches

Papas Potion Tee

$25.00shipping or pickup available

By Ant Sketches

10 ) 2oz Rose Waters

$85.00shipping or pickup available

By MoneyBarbie

Hopkins, Stann Creek

Potion Body Butter

$3.00shipping or pickup available

By Kaay's Kloset

Wizard Themed Foaming Sugar Scrubs

$8.00shipping or pickup available

By AKawaiiBoutique

Hura Bubble Ball

A$4.50shipping or pickup available

By Elena Bath and Body

Mountain View, California

Aura Cacia Pillow Potion Essential Oil

$15.00shipping or pickup available

By Manic Mermaid

Tacoma, Washington

Set - Birthday Box

CA$60.00shipping or pickup available

By Naturally Vain

All Wholesales

$100.00shipping or pickup available

By Zodiac Freakz

Lieven Martens - the Habu

$19.00shipping or pickup available

By Commend NYC

New York City, New York

Water Witch

$45.00shipping or pickup available

By Sucreabeille

Austin, Texas
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The Cauldron Shop

The Cauldron Shop by The Magic of Things - the "magicineering" studio behind The Cauldron Magical Experience. Buy your own personalised magic wand and wand accessories.


Indie perfume, Indie Marketplace, bath and body

Zodiac Freakz

Handmade Body Oil fragrances, UNCUT 100% Unique Scents! Prices are slightly higher than market price because of the EFFORT, CREATIVITY & QUALITY! Also try my 10 Essential Hair OIL blend! Moisturizes, strengthens, promotes growth and reduce shedding!

Naturally Vain

Our products are handcrafted with care and thought. We use only the best natural ingredients to provide you with one-of-a-kind bath and body products. Shop today:

Tacoma, Washington

Manic Mermaid

Manic Mermaid is a not boring art gallery that also features antiques and gifts. We are located in the historical Lincoln district in Tacoma, Washington

Mountain View, California


BadKitty Courture

Elena Bath and Body

Wide range of bath and body products handcrafted in Australia: bath bombs, soap, loofah, body butters, lotion bars, foaming body scrubs, solid shampoo and solid conditioner, wax melts, magnesium blended bath salts and magnesium oil, whipped soap, body custard, shower steamers, bubble bath, dog shampoo & gift boxes.

Advanced Mixology

Advanced Mixology is your source for everything related to cocktails - cocktail recipes, cocktail ingredients and trivia.

Hopkins, Stann Creek


We are a cosmetic retailer. Providing handmade vegan and cruelty free lip gloss. The finest eyelash strips any Barbie would want.

Waterbury, Connecticut


A witchy wonderland full of crystals, candles, herbs, incense, spell kits, yoga supplies, and the only place to find our exclusive StellaLuna brand products!

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