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Id/lanyard Necklace

$18.00shipping or pickup available

By Sweet M's Boutique

Indianapolis, Indiana

Id Lanyard Necklaces

$18.00shipping or pickup available

By The Silver Sparrow Boutique

Waco, Texas
Trenton, Ontario

Gold Chain Lanyard Necklace

$20.00shipping or pickup available

By Adelyn Rae

Los Angeles, California

Ring Holder Necklace

$20.00shipping or pickup available

By bel monili

Columbia, South Carolina

Kids Mask Lanyard Necklaces

$5.00shipping or pickup available

By Magpie and Bobbin

Don’t Mind if I Dew Lanyard Necklace

$5.35shipping or pickup available

By K Clopton & Co.

Freedom Necklace Lanyard - Bronze

$18.00shipping or pickup available

By Fashion & Compassion

Charlotte, North Carolina

Beaded Necklace/mask Lanyard

CA$10.00shipping or pickup available

By Basic Moms

Fredericton, New Brunswick
Cleveland, Ohio
Bellevue, Washington

Seed Metal Beaded Mask Lanyards

$15.00shipping or pickup available

By Highland Shop

Burbank, California

Face Mask Necklace - Mask Lanyard

£8.50shipping or pickup available

By Albion Designs

Metal Beads Chain Linked Mask Lanyards

$15.00shipping or pickup available

By Highland Shop

Burbank, California

Homespun Remedy - Blue Necklace - Lanyard

$5.00shipping or pickup available

By BBling13

Beaded Lanyard Necklace

$8.00shipping or pickup available

By ABT Creations

Nashville, Tennessee
Nashville, Tennessee
Nashville, Tennessee

Zenzii Crystal Mask Chain Necklace

$39.00shipping or pickup available

By Cute & Comfy LLC

Nashville, Tennessee
Nashville, Tennessee

Bead Bracelet Kit

$20.00shipping or pickup available

By The Observatory Shop

Yonkers, New York
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Quan Jewelry

Express yourself through Quan Jewelry. Share inspirational jewelry greeting cards, birthday cards, thank you cards and more. Share the good emotions.

Nashville, Tennessee

Cute & Comfy LLC

Our mission at Cute & Comfy is to make sure that you look and FEEL your best, whether you are traveling, working, playing, or going to a special event! We are well versed in foot issues! Our favorite brands include Naot, Dansko, Aetrex, Earth, Foxcroft, Clara Sunwoo, NIC + ZOE, Jess and Jane, Neon Buddha, and more!

Aymala Studio

Jewlery designer and artist creating one of a kind unique necklaces, bracelets, earrings from handmade findings, vintage and antique jewelery and fair trade sourced beads from around the world.

O Yeah Gifts!

Shop a selection of beach bracelets, anklets, face mask necklaces inspired by nature. Browse pottery made with sustainable resins and unique home decor. Free Shipping on orders over $30.

Yonkers, New York

The Observatory Shop

We are a #LYS that is more than meets the eye. Come for the yarn, stay for the curated collection of apparel, accessories & home goods. Everyone welcome. Free Shipping over $200 within the U.S.

Lolo - Modern Mexican Mercadito

Lolo is a Mexican Urban Mercadito that gathers in one place different products representing the great cultural richness of our country. We represent Mexico through its culture, gastronomy, art and designs with products that denote the avant-garde of contemporary Mexican culture while at the same time preserving the art


Browse everything offered with Paparazzi Accessories. Necklaces, Earrings, Bracelets, Rings and more! Time tested fan favorites, offered in a variety of metals. Available in silver, Gold, Gunmetal, Copper and Brass. Find your style or try a new style. Browse the category and shop today!


Welcome to my website! I am very grateful to be able to share some of my favorite things with you. You can look forward to seeing some of my favorite crystals and gemstones, jewelry, clothing, my favorite Amazon finds and hopefully a blog in the future. Be sure to subscribe below to get informed of updates.

Albion Designs

Designed and made in the UK, stunning oil diffuser jewellery and gemstone jewellery which you can wear anywhere. Using carefully selected semi-precious gemstones the beautiful oil diffuser bracelets are made, they can be worn with out without adding your essential oils. Stunning mala necklaces with tassels too.

Bellevue, Washington

Hammer + Awl

Modern equipment for the Modern Man. An edited selection of men's accessories and apparel with a focus on items made in the USA, in store and online.

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