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Bridal Shower Favors

$59.20shipping or pickup available

By A Slice of Delight - Bath and Body

Berkeley, California
Vancouver, British Columbia
Traverse City, Michigan
Vancouver, British Columbia

Straw Bride - White

$6.00shipping or pickup available

By Latitudes & Longitudes

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Traverse City, Michigan

Sunflower Bridal Shower Kisses Stickers

$10.00shipping or pickup available

By Announce It!

Traverse City, Michigan

Hydrangea Bridal Shower Kisses Stickers

$10.00shipping or pickup available

By Announce It!

Traverse City, Michigan
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We sell personalized party favors for all ocassions. We specialize in birthdays, graduations, weddings, baby and bridal showers, first communions and retirements. We're also happy to make custom designs for any of our products. We offer a wide variety of products including candy labels and many others

Auntie's Jammies

Proudly Made in the USA! Sustainable Premium Boutique Party & Event Decorations with biodegradable materials. Unique Handmade Upscale Decorations to Celebrate your Special Event! We have Vintage Style Baby Shower Bridal Lingerie Shower Birthday Anniversary Wedding Supplies with many themes to choose from.

Traverse City, Michigan

Announce It!

Candy bar wrappers personalized to make your event a hit! A fabulous selection of Hershey's chocolate bars for baby shower, birthday, wedding or anniversary.

Vancouver, British Columbia


EastVan bees hyper local honey from various neighborhoods in Vancouver. Raw, small batch, cold extracted, chemical free. Beeswax candles, salves, balms and more

Adriana Ortiz Designs

Handmade Party Decorations Personalized paper decorations for your party.

Zakka Shoppe

Offering a great selection of high quality miscellaneous items for any occasion such as red egg & ginger parties, weddings, birthdays, Chinese longevity. We also offer cute stuffs for kids / home decor!

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Latitudes & Longitudes

Latitudes and Longitudes is a gift shop featuring handcrafted jewelry, a wide variety of greeting cards, interesting handbags, journals and much more. This is a creative gift shop, not a crafty supply store. You will have fun browsing for gifts for yourself as well as for your friends and family.

Inglewood, California

Banter & Bliss Candle Co.

We don't just sell home fragrance products, we sell experiences. From the sensory experience of burning our fragrant candles to the memorable hands-on experience of participating in one of our candlemaking workshops, we're entirely focused on infusing your life with Banter & Bliss.

My Wedding Favors

Shop for unique wedding favors that match your style. MyWeddingFavors has the best prices on a huge selection of fun, inexpensive, and personalized wedding favors! Find the perfect favor for your wedding guests today! The perfect decorations & gifts for weddings, bridal showers, baby showers & birthdays.

Around the Clock Gifts

Around the Clock Gifts specializes in custom, handmade gifts for any occasion! From birthday to anniversary gifts, Christmas, Valentine's Day & Easter, you are sure to make a lasting impression every time! We also accept custom order requests. Contact us to learn more!

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