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Next time a visitor comes to your online store looking for something you don’t stock you can sell on behalf of your partner's stores and make money on the purchase.

"We don’t carry that but Janet’s store does..."

In brick and mortar, when a customer came looking for a product that you didn’t sell, you’d tell them to check out the store across the street. Boreal Community takes this online.

Boreal Community

How it Works

Install App

Install the Boreal Community through your store’s marketplace. All major platforms are supported.

Select Products

Through the Community app you can search products across thousands of stores and select those you’d like to make available through your website.


When visitors come to your site and make a search your partner’s products will show up if there are no results from you. If the visitor makes a purchase you’ll receive a comission.

What your visitors will see

Boreal Community

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